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This diffuser bracelet is made with goldstone and lava rocks. Place your essential oils on the lava rock beads and let it absorb into your skin to feel necessary healing properties. 


The message of the Goldstone crystal stone meaning is that sometimes you have to lose your mind to find yourself. A protective warrior stone, the Goldstone crystal helps you get out of your head and back down to earth. This powerful grounding stone is a must-have for those moments when you feel overwhelmed by toxic emotions and negative thought patterns. Regardless of the chaos going on in your head, hold tight to the Goldstone and immediately feel a strong connection to the earth and is healing vibrations.


Style A: Round Goldstones  with Lava Rocks

Style B: Square Goldstones with lava rocks 

Style C: Goldstones, lava rocks & rose quartz

Down to Earth Diffuser Bracelet

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