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Handmade by @WanderlustBritt 


This mystical magical crecent moon necklace features an abalone stone that had been wire wrapped in gold and finished with gold chain and a lobster clasp. 


Abalone has been tossed and turned in the ebb and flow of the ocean for countless years before we ever come in contact with it, which allows its beauty to emerge. Abalone is intimately connected to the sea. It has been used in many cultures as decorative jewelry. A disc of abalone shell is worn on the forehead of Apache girls as they greet the sun in the morning of their initiation into womanhood. Abalone is associated with the first three chakras and is especially useful for handling, calming and soothing emotions. It also promotes imagination in a positive way. The array of colors represent change as the beauty of existence.

Abalone Crescent Moon Necklace